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Cove Lounge
High Back, Four Blade, Swivel Return
$2,883 COM list

Powder Coat: Red Orange

Maharam Hue Vibrant
Medium Side Table, Metal Top, 17"D x 20"D
$689 list

Powder Coat: Terracotta
Small Coffee Table, Metal Top, 20"D x 10"H
$728 list

Powder Coat: Terracotta

Solo Retreat

Cove Lounge Chair

The Cove lounge chair offers a perfect blend of comfort and form, making it a standout piece in any setting. Its visually striking and welcoming design provides flexibility for various seated postures, with ample space for a tablet, laptop, or book. Ideal as a statement piece or grouped for informal gatherings, Cove enhances the appeal and functionality of any environment.