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The Calder family of tables embodies refinement and versatility, echoing the timeless spirit of Alexander Calder’s artistry. Whether amplifying the playful atmosphere or dialing it down, Calder offers designers the flexibility to create spaces that are both functional and visually captivating.

Available October 2024


With a blend of sleek minimalism and playful adaptability, this collection features coffee, side, laptop, and café table options, perfectly suited for a variety of floorplans and functions, from cafes to workspaces to lounge areas.

Core Components

  • Coffee (14”h)
  • Side (16”h, 20”h)
  • Laptop (24”h, 26”h)
  • Café (26”, 27.5”, 29”)

Sustainable Design Features

  • Greenguard IAQ Certified (Anticipated in November)
  • Level® 2 Certified (Anticipated in November)
  • VOC-free powder coat finish


Designed by Brandon Walker

A job building architectural models made Brandon Walker realize that he wanted to design furniture. “It is the perfect melding of my interests,” explains Walker, who had studied painting and sculpture as an undergraduate. “It has the creativity that drives me as an artist but includes the more functional aspect of architecture.” After completing an MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design, Walker joined Stylex in 2014. Now a senior designer, he continues to combine beauty and practicality. “A design’s most important aspect is longevity,” he says. “Being around for a long time, being used across generations, and being appreciated by people.” Walker lives in the greater Philadelphia area.

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