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Textile Partners

To customize your furniture to your performance needs and design vision, Stylex offers a wide selection of in-graded leathers and textiles from Grades A through Y. We’ve partnered with leading manufacturers on the options, focusing on color, price, durability, and construction. We stand by these textiles: They’re tried and tested, and will effortlessly fit into any design aesthetic. To identify the grade of a specific textile, please refer to our In-Graded Textile Program.

Carded Programs

In addition to our in-graded program, we have chosen over 70 textiles from our partners that represent your favorites, our best sellers, readily available, and all are available in CET to help you complete your design layouts with ease. Please see individual product pages for approved textiles by product.

Carded Textiles by Grade

Grade A

Grade B

Grade C

Grade D

Grade E

Grade F

Grade H

Grade W (Leathers)

Grade X (Leathers)

Grade Y (Leathers)