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June 1, 2006

New Come Together – Work Lounge Seating that Gets the Job Done

For Immediate Release

Editorial Contact:
John Golden
Tel: 800-257-5742

Delanco, NJ (June, 2006) – Come Together’s (CT) name reveals its purpose. As an innovative “working lounge” collection, it offers a unique set of environmental benefits, while addressing the current need for people to work in a more casual setting. This chair should appeal to the 20 and 30 year olds who, in the words of one interior designer, “are willing to work everywhere except their office”. CT’s form, functionality, and scale provide cues to encourage work, but they also cultivate a feeling of humanity and inspiration. CT simultaneously provides welcome stimulation and relaxation.

Come Together mesh and upholstered backs are suspended over a metal frame that flexes with the user’s movement. These features promote circulation and air flow during long periods of sitting. The 27” wide seat and back provide more room to rotate, sit sideways, or stow small personal belongings. Enlarged CT glides facilitate movement.

Come Together is available in a choice of either fabric or mesh back. Its features, including tablet arm and ottoman, can be selected according to the requirements of the installation. We envision spaces that include chairs with a mix of options allowing users to create personal or collaborative groupings tailored to their specific needs.

The steel frame includes recycled content and is itself easily recycled. Its inherent strength permits reduced material consumption in relation to more bulky lounge seating. CT mesh consumes minimal raw materials. The optional upholstered back will use very little foam cushioning and can be ordered in recycled polyester fabrics.

CT represents a clever leap forward for working lounge furniture based on the subtle combination of its three core product values: functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics. A number of concepts were explored until we found the right combination of elements. The result is not entirely conventional, but may serve to redefine this category.

For literature, specifications, and pricing, please contact Stylex Customer Service at 800-257-5742 or info@stylexseating.com. Learn more about Stylex by visiting www.stylexseating.com.