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December 11, 2014

Stylex Instates New Take-Back Program Through Anew

Initiative Marks Company’s Commitment to Waste Reduction, Social Welfare, and Communal Responsibility

(December 2014—Delanco, NJ)— Stylex has partnered with ANEW (Asset Network for Education Worldwide) to enact a take-back program for its used furniture. ANEW, which strives to “do what’s right with what’s left,” will assist Stylex in continuing its sustainability mission by diverting landfill-destined materials into new hands. Through this program, architectural goods, fixtures, and furniture (including Stylex seating) are transferred to a local charity, extending the product’s lifetime and reducing environmental impact.

Stylex President John Golden elaborates, “Maintaining environmental and social responsibility are both qualities we work toward at Stylex. By working with ANEW and encouraging our customers to take advantage of this take-back program, we’re reducing our environmental footprint and assisting a worthy cause.”

The effects of this product repurposing are impressively comprehensive—raising corporate social responsibility, strengthening community networks by providing materials to those in need, and mitigating climate change by reducing landfill input.

To participate in the take-back program, the interested Stylex customer will contact their assigned customer service representative, who will then put them in touch with Stylex’s ANEW contacts to collect the furniture.

About Stylex
Founded in 1956 by the Golden family, Stylex focuses its efforts on the modern office environment with careful consideration given to balancing aesthetics, value, ergonomics, and green technology. All Stylex products meet Greenguard Children and Schools and Indoor Air Quality certification, use 100% CFC-free foam and low or no VOC adhesives. For more information contact them at 800.257.5742 or visit them at www.stylexseating.com.

About ANEW
ANEW is a public non-profit organization dedicated to stewarding surplus furniture, fixtures, and equipment for donation to charities and underserved communities. Follow @ANEWFound on Twitter and visit ANDEWfound on Facebook to join the Social Sustainability movement. ANEW: doing what’s right with what’s left. www.anewfound.org