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June 7, 2018

Stylex Introduces Metrum Modular Lounge at NeoCon 2018

(June 2018 — Delanco, NJ) — Stylex will be introducing Metrum at NeoCon in June, 2018. With its notable flexibility, comfort, and aesthetic profile, Metrum is a meaningful addition to the growing line-up of Stylex lounge seating.

Metrum is a modular sofa system that offers the potential to create endless, linear runs of lounge furniture. Modules may be intermixed in any assortment. Units with varying back heights may be tied to benches and tables as desired. Specialized arm components are also available, each providing a different function. Privacy has been addressed with mid- and high-back modules. These convenient, easy-to-combine variations, along with multiple base options, allow the Metrum modular system to address a large variety of demands imposed by contemporary lounge environments. Depending on which elements are specified, Metrum can be tailored for hospitality, public-seating, workspace, residential, and traditional lounge spaces. With its flexible assortment of options, Metrum is no one-trick pony!

The Metrum profile is enhanced by its subtly sculpted seat and back forms that visually reference the product’s comfort. Each seat module is shaped and tufted to create a pleasing visual rhythm when deployed in the long runs this line invites. Every arm option provides a different aesthetic direction to help tailor the particular unit to its intended environment, whether traditional, modern, or something in between. For a warmer residential feel, select a wood base in maple, white oak, or walnut; use cast-aluminum legs to introduce a sleek look that may be optioned with 21 different powder coat colors.

Metrum offers a traditional lounge function with well-considered proportions. The seat width and depth provide ample seating space while maintaining overall dimensions suitable for contract environments. Seat height is appropriate for work-lounge, public spaces, and hospitality settings. Three different back heights provide distinct levels of privacy enabling Metrum to create a defined space within an environment or support an open plan.

Each design decision relating to Metrum has been considered in light of maximizing value at minimal cost. Upholstery foam density was selected to ensure long-lasting comfort that will not degrade with heavy use. The eleven-ply, Baltic birch frame construction ensures strength and robustness. During production, Metrum goes through a range of quality inspections. Each specified fabric is tested and subjected to a range of approval processes for a clean, upholstered fit. All components and frame modules are examined for a variety of stresses. Product durability has been tested following relevant BIFMA standards, including X5.4, which it passes.

About Stylex

Founded in 1956 by the Golden family, Stylex focuses its efforts on the modern office environment with careful consideration given to balancing aesthetics, value, ergonomics, and green technology. All Stylex products meet GREENGUARD Children and Schools and Indoor Air Quality certification, use 100% CFC-free foam and low or no VOC adhesives. For more information contact them at 800.257.5742 or visit them at www.stylexseating.com.