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June 7, 2010

Stylex Launches SAVA® Multi-Purpose Performance Seatings Redefined

Media Contact: Chris Abbate/Kristin Coleman
Novità Communications
Delanco, NJ – June 2010

Office workers spend a third of the day sitting, whether in a heads-down mode or interacting with others. This is creating higher expectations for performance seating. Stylex, a family-run company that has spent more than 50 years developing refined seating solutions, is proud to introduce a ground-breaking new seating option: the SAVA® multi-purpose chair. Designed by award-winning architect Sava Cvek, SAVA is the fruit of years of R&D and market analysis. The new chair was designed with today’s multitasking workforce in mind. Elegant in both form and function, SAVA offers maximum versatility and a just-right range of functionality for both task and conference applications. Crafted in cast aluminum, SAVA is up to 98% recyclable, and like all Stylex products, is Greenguard certified.

Sava Cvek is a trained architect, teacher, graduate of the Harvard School of Design and the founder of SCA Development. With a long history of commercial successes with Stylex, including three Neocon Gold awards, it is no surprise that when Cvek developed a new concept in seating, he turned to the Golden family for their manufacturing expertise. For SAVA, the entire seating line was tooled from the ground up and includes fingertip tension adjustment and a patented Balanced Tilt mechanism based on engineered ergonomics and simplicity of use. These features are revolutionary because they cater to the broad range of body types and sizes in today’s workforce.

According to John Golden, president of Stylex, “For decades, we have delivered work-effective products that reflect corporate and individual personalities. For this new initiative, we took a fresh look at the evolving workplace. Workers spend long hours engaged in a multitude of varied tasks and require a chair that responsively adjusts to different demands with minimal effort. Looking to avoid the pitfalls of over-simplistic plug ‘n play seating or awkward and complicated hyper-adjustable seating, we have created SAVA to offer the perfect amount of control that reflects today’s collaborative and adaptive environments. SAVA, with its simplified and user-friendly controls, actually encourages workers to make the healthy adjustments needed for optimum comfort and productivity.”

Engineering Excellence in the Details
For Cvek, advanced engineering, ergonomics and attention to aesthetics come together seamlessly in SAVA. Each chair comes with a low-profile mechanism – one that is beautifully sculpted, yet delivers complete performance. The multi-task version presents four paddles to control seat height, tension, seat depth, and tilt lock. These are easily reachable for anyone from the seated position and accommodate a wide variety of users. Historically, the geometry and mechanisms of most chair controls have focused on supporting heavier users. With SAVA’s fingertip tension control, people from 90 or 275 pounds can find the right level of adjustment in just one second. Stylex understands that the ability to move freely is a critical factor in improving workplace productivity and user well being. With this in mind, Cvek developed SAVA’s “balanced tilt” mechanism, allowing the user to stretch through a full range of motion while keeping feet firmly planted on the ground. Its patented, dual-spring system relying on four interactive cams adjusts the distribution of tension throughout the range of motion. In the reclined position, the springs retain their stored energy and actively assist the user’s return to a fully upright posture. A proper task chair requires an arm that enables effective, comfortable keyboarding. The SAVA task arm is height-adjustable with a rotating cap that can be positioned to put the right support exactly where it’s needed. The function of the task arm is simply sophisticated, intuitive, and effective.

Stylex recognizes that different situations impose varying sets of requirements. Therefore, chairs aimed for use primarily in conference areas can be specified with simple seat-height and tilt-lock adjustments – allowing a limited degree of movement – as well as fixed height arms. The low-profile conference arm will fit easily under just about any table. SAVA is also available in two back heights – mid back and a more supportive high back. Adjustable lumbar pads are available on mesh models for enhanced postural support.

Stylex, known for impeccable attention to finishing details, will offer SAVA in mesh, upholstery, or a combination of the two. This range of options creates tremendous flexibility and allows SAVA to be specified widely throughout the workplace. An all-leather SAVA is distinctively elegant, while the mesh version offers breathable comfort and contemporary appeal. The advanced technology used to apply the mesh to the seats and backs permits the creation of a multi-tension seating surface for superior weight distribution, improved comfort, and better circulation.

With the base, control housing, side supports and arms all made from polished cast aluminum, SAVA is up to 98% recyclable. Seat and back are easily field-replaceable, and the entire chair can be fully disassembled for recycling within minutes. The entire line is Greenguard certified.

SAVA Key Features
* Four low-profile paddles to control seat height, tension, seat depth and tilt lock
* Simplified conference control where less adjustment is required
* Balanced Tilt mechanism that instantly adjusts tension
* Available with task and conference arms
* Available with high back and mid back
* Optional lumbar support
* Polished cast aluminum structure
* Available in all mesh, mesh back/upholstered seat or all upholstery
* Accommodates a wide variety of users – from 90 to 275 pounds
* Up to 98% recyclable

About Stylex
Founded in 1956 by the Golden family, Stylex develops refined seating solutions that balance aesthetics, value and ergonomics. All Stylex products are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified, use 100% CFC-free foam and low or no VOC adhesives. For more information contact them at 800.257.5742 or visit them at http://www.stylexseating.com