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Brooks Price List

…18.5” E. 43.5” F. 22” Design Paul Brooks Construction Plastic seats and backs are injection-molded polypropylene. Upholstered seats and backs combine high-density CFC-Free polyurethane foam over polypropylene substrates. Exposed wood…


Dau Price List

…and comfort for its user. The tablet arm is an ancillary piece that is installed by the customer. It can be removed or added as desired. See page 11 for…


Welcome Price List

…20.5” (18”) E. 32” F. 23” A. 29.5” B. 18” C. 15” D. 20” (18.5”) E. 43.5” F. 23” A. 18” B. 19” C. 15” D. 20.5” (18”) E. 32”…

May 13, 2011

Stylex Picks: The Story of Eames Furniture

…with John Neuhart. Though a hefty 800 pages, it cleverly, and rather technically, tells the story of the Eameses and how their furniture became some of the most famous modern…


Cove Price List

PRICE LIST Effective November 1, 2022 Cove 2Cove Applications:Lounge, High Back and Ottoman Lounge Four-Blade Aluminum Base Sled Base General Information Dimensions / Overview A. Seat Height B. Seat Depth…


Underline Price List

PRICE LIST Effective November 1, 2022 Underline Configuration Type : Chair Four Leg – Metal Sled Metal Four Leg – Wood Five-Blade General Information Armless A. SIt Height B. Seat…

November 4, 2013

A Year Later: Remembering Sandy

…of returning to their pre-Sandy condition. To support recovery efforts, Stylex will be donating Click chairs to the teaching staff and are proposing a challenge on our Facebook page: every…


Ridge Price List

…The welt cord option is not available with the dual fabric option or any polyurethane fabric. The purchase of additional material may be required. Please see page 3 for a…

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